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The New Faces of District 31
         Rick Winer                                  Stefano McGhee                                     Anna Kaufman
District Director                   Program Quality Director                         Club Growth Director

Thanks to our District Council members for contributing to the re-voting process.
The Re-Vote was only for the contested Program Quality Director position.
Stefano McGhee – 146 votes
Ruth Levitsky – 31 votes
Sherrie Raftery – 31 votes
Based on the results, our interim Program Quality Director is now Official!

The latest alignment has been posted under the Marketing menu item above.  The slide deck (PPT) from the Area/Division Director training has been posted to the Education menu item above.

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Welcome from the District 31 leadership Team.

District 31 is Eastern Massachusetts & Rhode Island!  

MESSAGE FROM DISTRICT GOVERNOR, Doug Sheadel: The District Governor journey in District 31 is not one year long, but usually three.  We get a chance to learn the District from Marketing to Education before the whole District is on our shoulders.  I want to thank the members of the District for supporting these last few years.  Based on District statistics, we have steadily moved forward in the last several years, culminating in a President’s Distinguished District in 2013-2014.  Congratulations to the 116 clubs that were distinguished or better.  A great thanks to the 116 members who achieved their Triple Crown Award.  Thanks to each club start-up team supporting our unprecedented 27 new clubs.

The reality is, all the work of the District happens within the individual clubs.  And no matter how well we do as a group, there are still club teams who need extra help.  Our District team is committed to maintaining momentum as a whole, and yet helping one club leader team at a time to achieve thriving health for their members.  While you ask “How can we help our members?”, we’ll be asking “How can we help your club?”  If you have ideas, lets collaborate.  Together, we will see amazing things in 2014 – 2015.

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