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Congratulations to the Nominees for District office for 2016 – 2017!

District Director Stefano McGhee, DTM, PDG
Program Quality Director Anna Kaufman, DTM
Club Growth Director Stacey Shipman, DTM
Division A Director Lei Wang, ACS, ALB
Division B Director Jennifer Tam, ACB, ALB
Division C Director Gina Salcedo, CC, ALB
Division D Director Sara Adair, DTM
Division E Director Lyson Ludvic, ACS Division F
Director Scott Swenson, ACS, ALB
Division G Director Deborah Skeath, DTM
Division H Director Yarden Vagenshtein, ACB, CL

Business Meeting Documents (Nominations and Alignment) are on the Conference site

*** New Membership Drive Incentive ***

Congratulations to the top three clubs to add the most members in Oct, Nov, Dec 2015:
MFS Toastmasters Club added 22 members
Northeastern University Toastmasters added 22 members
Boston Toastmasters added 18 members

Read their success stories and tips…

MESSAGE FROM District Director, District 31 Rick Winer, DTM:

District 31 is comprised of over 200 clubs with approximately 5000 members that have attained over 1000 educational awards during the 2014-2015 Toastmasters year.  We are proud to be one of the foremost Districts in the world.

Harmony is what it takes to create a symphony, a marriage, a friendship, a well run business and in our case a successful Toastmasters District.  Let us all work together in harmony supporting each other as we all continue on our individual journey through life.  Let’s use the Toastmasters program to develop communication, presentation and leadership skills in harmony.  Together we can grow and benefit from our greater self-confidence and personal growth, and enjoy each others friendship and support.






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