Best Practices Club Tools

Toastmasters has a basic format that forms the heart of their program.
All clubs are launched using the core format from Toastmasters.
But in the pursuit of serving their members needs, individual club cultures develop.
Clubs are as individual as the member teams they serve.

What follows are tools that have been found to work well within the Toastmasters format.
They are provided as tools to support club teams to effectively lead their club.
These templates are provided in editable form so they can be personalized by the clubs who choose to use them.  Some clubs offer packets of information to their club guests and new members.  Consider a recent Toastmasters Magazine after you’ve read it.  Add a few of these tools and you have an informative introduction to your club education program.

Enjoy your Toastmasters Journey.

A Typical Meeting with logo
Officer Roles_1page
New Member LetterGen
Member Interest Survey
Guest letter gen

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