Contest Chair Script

Contest Chair Script_Intnl_Topic

Contest Chair Script_Hum_Eval

All Toastmasters contests must be conducted per the current (2014) Speech Contest Rulebook which is protocol.  Modifications to rules may only be made through the administrative protocol review process.  Exceptions shall not be permitted.  Local variations could disqualify contestant(s) from a later rounds.  For this reason, Contest planners must become closely familiar with the rules and roles.

The Contest Kit can be ordered in hardcopy from WHQ or downloaded for free at  The Contest Chair should provide rulebooks, bios and eligibility forms to all contestants well before the contest.  Forms should be filled out prior to the contest.  At the contest, the Contest Chair will conduct all briefing of contestants.  The Chief Judge equips the judging team(s) with rulebooks, forms and equipment and conducts all training and briefing of the judging team.

Fall 2014: District 31 has two contests planned, Humorous Speech Contest and Evaluation Contest.
These Scripts are provided to support the contest chairs with a sample flow-of-events for the Fall 2014 contests.  Integrating the two contests has been found to save time compared to having separate contests end to end.  But how your contest is structured is up to the contest team.  This script can and should be adjusted to accommodate the needs of your specific contest.  Per the Rulebook, all decisions of the Contest Team are final.


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