Ally Dunn – CC, ALB

Ally Dunn

Ally Dunn – CC, ALB

Since the day I joined Toastmasters, I have been a faithful advocate of its personal and professional benefits to everyone I meet. After several years of serving as a club officer for my home club Boston Toastmasters, always “closing the sale,” I knew that I wanted to do so on a much larger scale.

As this year’s Club Growth Director, I am excited to continue to serve the District by overseeing the club formation process from start to finish, as well as overseeing club membership retention for creating healthy clubs.

I firmly believe that growth and change go hand in hand. When we choose to grow, we must change and when we choose to change, we always grow. This principle applies to Toastmasters as well as our daily lives. As Toastmasters, we are actively choosing to grow and change to create better versions of ourselves. Please join me in my excitement for this year’s new clubs to be formed! If you know anyone who is interested or would benefit from Toastmasters, let’s connect!

Ally Dunn – Club Growth Director

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