Stefano McGhee, DTM

Hello District 31!

To those that were around four years ago, I am back!  To those that
joined more recently, I am looking forward to meeting you.  I have
been working in District 31 for most of the ten years I have been in
Toastmasters.  Most of those years have been enjoyable for me because
I get to visit you and hear your stories about how Toastmasters is
changing how you interact with others and improving your life.  It
starts out with an Icebreaker speech, but it turns out into so much
more as we push ourselves and each other to become better speakers,
better leaders and better people.  Helping each other succeed is what
the Toastmasters experience is all about.

How is Toastmasters helping you succeed?  How can the District work to
make better Club Officer Trainings and Conferences that you are
excited to attend and leave entertained and informed?  I am eager to
hear about how you see the District move forward and to implement
great ways to get it done.



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