Division G Director

Division G - Charlie Woods

Division G – Charlie Woods

Charlie Woods – Division G Director

Hello, fellow Toastmasters! I have been a Toastmaster since January 2012, when I was invited to a corporate club lunch time meeting, and immediately recognized that the Toastmaster meetings were run better than most of the meetings at my company!

Shortly after joining the club, my enthusiasm for the program was rewarded with my first leadership position – Sergeant-at-Arms! I couldn’t have been happier to join the leadership team. But I had to wonder, could I be a Club President someday?

Well, I did become a Club President, then an Area Director, and this year, I am a Division Director! I am really enjoying this opportunity to serve Division G Toastmasters by recruiting and working with a team of Area Directors to hold contests, train officers, be resources to the clubs, and spread ethusiasm for our organization and it’s mission.

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