Division I Director

Division I - Robert Levinson

Division I – Robert Levinson

Robert Levinson
Division I Director

As a Division Director for 2017 – 2018, I am embracing the District 31 mantra of Collaborate, Create and Celebrate, and using that to set my Division goals for the year.

Success in the newly formed Division I requires a group effort, and collaboration is key. I am a first-time Division Director, and all of my Area Directors are also first-timers in their roles. We have many club officers serving for the first time. As we collaborate, we will focus on achieving Distinguished status at all levels from the individual clubs to the district.

I want to see Division I help create new clubs. My other goal is to create future Toastmaster’s leaders at all levels. I will encourage club officers to consider Area Director roles, Area Directors to grow into Division Director roles, and I will personally think about a District 31 role.

When we achieve the first two goals, we will have numerous opportunities throughout the year to celebrate many successes!

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