Paul Hart – ACS, ALB

Paul Hart

Paul Hart – ACB, ALB

I am proud to be the 2017-2018 District 31 Finance Manager! I have worked as an accountant for 10+ years in the insurance industry, I am the Financial Secretary for the Knights of Columbus and I am excited to use my talents to support our district. The Finance Manager is the one behind the scenes writing the checks, approving expenses, reporting our financial results, and providing sound fiscal guidance. I promise to be reliable, dependable and organized!

Just as we did last year, we are again using Concur for most of our expense reimbursement reporting. For our district officers, you get access to a Concur account to submit expenses. It is fast, easy, and super convenient. You set up direct deposit and submit expenses on the website or through the app. You can track the process and avoid using stamps or copying. If you are a district officer, you should already be registered for Concur, just use your eight-digit member id (you might need to add zeros) and password “welcome” to sign in (you will be prompted to change your password). First step once you are logged on is to set up your direct deposit so you will actually be reimbursed! Do this NOW, not the day you are submitting your first expense. It takes time to establish the link to your account.

Some other useful hints to help you get reimbursed quicker:

  1. add an expense report with the expenses you have incurred
  2. add photos of the receipts that show the items you purchased along with the amounts (in the app, you can snap a photo with your phone)
  3. Use the tax exempt form
  4. Submit immediately after spending, within two weeks at the most!

Not sure if it is a legitimate reimbursement? ASK before spending. If you need to use Concur but do not know how, feel free to drop me a line.

 Paul Hart – Finance Manager


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