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Share Your Card, Share Your Story
As we become more skilled communicators, each of us has the opportunity to be a public relations representative, demonstrating the success of the TM process to others.  Being a Toastmaster is not just about speaking.  Employ the listening skills you have honed as an evaluater.  Listen for opportunities to help someone step out of shyness or fear into confidence.  Perhaps someone sitting next to you on the commuter train needs to make a presentation at work. Someone in your Garden Club may want to create a workshop. Maybe you just want a way to break the ice when meeting new people at a social event.

If you have benefited from your membership, share your story!  We both practice the skills we learn in Toastmasters and stimulate the same growth in others.  We offer more than just information.  We expand the Toastmasters goal of empowerment and developing effective communication in more and more people.

Someone may just need to hear your message.  Telling your own story has a ripple effect, reaching further than you imagine.  It is also a chance for you to practice your Elevator Speech and become more confident outside your club.
Like every Toastmasters project, it deserves adequate preparation.

Prepare your card
The District 31 website makes it easy to create your own card, including logos and guidelines. Include your club’s meeting times and location. Use these templates to present a great image for your club.  BizCard Template    BizCard Template Back

Prepare yourself
Become aware of opportunities to introduce yourself and share your success. Practice your elevator speech. Listen for ways to connect with the person and share your story. Perhaps you meet someone who has written a book?  TM clubs have many authors who find support and guidance for public promotion. Always have cards with you.

Prepare to have fun
Using your Toastmasters skill in this new way will open up new vistas of connecting to people.  It supports your own Toastmasters journey and might launch just launch theirs.

Press Release Templates?
There are press release templates on the website at PR Resources. Remember that Press Release formats are often dictated by the specific paper or news source with whom you are coordinating.  Be sure to put the text and/or any images into the form or format that is requested.  It improves the chances of a successful event promotion.

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