Webinar Series: Grow on the Go

Learn from the district leadership trio! Attend live webinars and watch recorded sessions.

Program Quality topics hosted by Program Quality Director Gina Salcedo: 3rd Thursday of the month, 7 – 8 pm

Club Growth topics hosted by Club Growth Director Ally Dunn: regular date to be announced

District Director-led topics hosted by District Director Anna Kaufman: 1st Thursday of the month, 7-8 pm

Recordings available below. Request a topic if you don’t see it covered below.

2017-2018 Schedule: Register for each one to get the login details!

Program Quality Webinars

Contests: Jan 18, 7-8 pm

If you are looking on how to put together a successful club contest, you do not want to miss this session. We’ll tailor the session based on what you want to know about.

Speaking Impromptu: Feb 15, 7-8 pm

Having trouble speaking on your feet? Is table topics a challenge for you? Do you want to be a table topics masters? Join us for tips on how to speak impromptu.

Evaluations: Mar 15, 7-8 pm

Evaluations are an important part of the Toastmaster program. Join us for the session to learn how to become an effective evaluator.

Succession Plans & Elections: Apr 19, 7-8 pm

This session will help club officers identify future leaders for their club, how to put together a nomination committee and hold election for club officers.

District Leadership: May 17, 7-8 pm

Do you want to complete your Advance Leader Silver? Do you want to be a part of Toastmasters leadership outside of your club. Join us for this session to learn about becoming a part of District Leadership.

Goal Setting: Jun 21, 7-8 pm

A new Toastmaster year is coming. Are you ready for the new year? Join us for this session and learn about planning and setting goals for your club and members.


Club Growth Webinars

Upcoming topics: Member retention, Coaches / Sponsors / Mentors


District Director-led Webinars

Dashboards: Feb 1, 7-8 pm

Learn about the reports and dashboards you can find about your Toastmasters club! Open to all members. Send specific questions you’d like to address to anna@district31.org.

Recording Repository

[Club Growth] Running Successful Sample Meetings, January

[Program Quality] High Performance Leadership (HPL), December

[Program Quality] Mentoring, November


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