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A healthy builds in a steady stream of new members.  Maybe your club numbers are low, giving you a special interest in drawing in new life to the club?

District 31 is offering outreach material to support your efforts.
Toastmasters International has a Membership Building Kit (Item#1160) that includes some key resources.  We have enhanced that basic kit with more of the three fold flyers and several styles of the full page promotional flyers.  The tools for printing labels or for printing directly on these flyers are listed on the Club Templates page.

Use branded flyers and customize them for your club!

Find them on the Toastmasters website.

Open House / Special Events (with snacks on the District!)
District 31 offers to support your club by reimbursing up to $50.  Plan, promote and hold your Open House.  Then submit an expense report along with original receipts. You can get reimbursement of up to $50 twice — once from July to December 2016, once again from January to June 2017.  Follow instructions on the form at Treasurer’s Page and note that no MA taxes can be reimbursed.

What kind of events draw guests to your club?  There are plenty of ideas offered in the resource document Membership Growth..  More ideas are in a resource by a fellow Toastmaster Heath Suddleston, DTM Growth & Retention.  An Open House remains an effective tool for many clubs. There is an Open House Flyer. Or feel free to develop your own promotional tools.  Promotion is the most important element needed to make your Open House or Special Event produce guests to your club.  Promote! promote! promote!

> Well Promoted and Effective Special Events bring guests to your meeting.
> Fun and Effective meetings (along with an invitation) help those guests to join the club.
> Supporting the member’s growth goals keep them attending and engaged.

A healthy club needs all three.

For questions or additional resources, contact:

District 31 Club Growth Director


Success Stories and Tips: Top 3 clubs to add most members in Oct, Nov, Dec 2015

Corporate: MFS Toastmasters Club added 22 members

  • The majority of our recruiting is through word of mouth. Often, our members will suggest Toastmasters to another member of their team.
  • We also highlight Toastmasters registration and the benefits of Toastmasters in an article that is posted to our internal intranet site twice a year.
  • For an upcoming internal article, we have quotes from 6 employees who each explain how Toastmasters has helped them grow.
  • For the Fall registration, we are hoping to video record some of our members sharing what they love about Toastmasters to put on the intranet – a great way to spread the word and practice their speaking skills!

MFS Toastmasters

College: Northeastern University Toastmasters added 22 members

  • Be enthusiastic. Adding new members to the club has to be a positive experience for everyone, including yourself.
  • Be prepared. Have a laptop ready after every meeting so you can add new members after the meeting.
  • Be constant. Keep promoting regularly the club; eventually people will go to the meetings.

Northeastern Toastmasters


Community: Boston Toastmasters added 18 members

  • Maintain a Strong Online Presence: For prospective members and current members alike, being able to reference our robust and well-kept up-to-date website for latest news, updates and general information is key to keeping us properly advertised and members well-informed. We make it a goal to respond to inquiries within 24-48 business hours.
  • Foster a sense of Community: Members and guests voluntarily take time out of their Tuesdays to come to our meetings, so we believe it’s paramount to club success to foster friendships and social connections among meeting attendees. A good sense of rapport and trust between members makes a big difference – encourage your members to socialize outside of the regular club environment! Members often share individual announcements about upcoming social events. Go out for a meal together and spend time getting to know each other outside of your TM goals!
  • Create a Positive Platform for Growth: Our goal is to ensure the club environment always remains positive and non-judgmental. We believe that Toastmasters can truly act as a support system by providing constructive feedback either through evaluations or the mentorship program as well as promoting positive reinforcement.
  • Recognize Achievements: We like to acknowledge and reward our members on their individual and club achievements, including completion of their CC or CL manuals, speech contest participation, and recognizing outstanding speeches on a monthly basis.
  • Keep It Personal & Remember High Energy: We make our best effort to treat each member and guest with personal attention to detail. This may mean listening attentively to member’s speeches or questions, or memorizing every member’s name. Be sure to engage your guests so they feel welcome and a part of the meeting, too. Remember to always keep the meetings entertaining, fun and high in energy!

Boston Toastmasters



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