2020-2021 DCP Recognition

Congratulations to the District 31 clubs who earned recognition as Distinguished Clubs in 2020-2021.  Learn more about the Distinguished Club Program (DCP).

President’s Distinguished Clubs

3Talkers Club
Advanced Access
Advanced Articulators of Andover
Boston Toastmasters
Boston West Toastmasters Club
Clipper City Club
Dassault Systemes Boston Campus Toastmasters Club
Dell EMC Hopkinton
Fall River Innovators
Framingham / Natick Toastmasters
Hanscom Toastmasters Club
Isaac Davis Club
Marathon Toastmasters Club
Metrowest Toastmasters
New Life Toastmasters Club
Norwood Toastmasters Club
Quincy Toastmasters Club
Rhode Island Active Toastmasters
Saturday Toastmasters of Arlington
Shrewsbury Toastmasters
Somerville Toastmasters
Sylvan Speakers Club
Toast of the Town
Toast with Friends
Toastmasters @ MIT Club
Toastmasters At Ballardvale
Toastmasters in Motion
Watertown Saturday Toastmasters
Westford Expressions Club

Select Distinguished Clubs

Andover Club
Boston University Medical Campus
CVS Health Marketing Toastmasters
Fresenius Broadcasters
Healthy Toast
John Hancock Club
JP Toastmasters
Leada@Liberty Toastmasters
Ocean State Club
Sales & Marketing Club
Salve Regina University Toastmasters
Sun Life Club
Takeda Toastmasters
The Last Word
Wachusett Toastmasters #7677

Distinguished Clubs

AbbVie Bioresearch Toastmasters
Crimson Toastmasters Club
Energy Talks
Hanover Toastmasters
Island Foghorns Toastmasters Club
Mill and Main Toastmasters Club
Novartis Toastmasters @ Cambridge
Otis Street Orators
Paul Revere Toastmasters
Renaissance Advanced TM Club
Seven Hills Advanced Toastmasters
Spirited Speakers
Talk Of The Town Club
Tech Talks
Toastmasters General
Tricorn Toastmasters Club

2020-2021 District Recognition Program

In addition, congratulations to following Areas and Area Directors who earned recognition as Distinguished Areas in 2020-2021. Visit here for more information about Distinguished Areas and the District Recognition Program.

Select Distinguished Areas

Area 12 – Toastmasters At Ballardvale, Boston ONE Campus, Advanced Articulators of Andover, Toast of the Town
Area Director Stephanie Mancuso

Area 53 – Articulators Club, Renaissance Advanced TM Club, Shrewsbury Toastmasters, Otis Street Orators
Area Director J. Michael Ford

Distinguished Areas

Area 25 – Hanscom Toastmasters Club, Lexington Toastmasters, Lincoln Laboratory Toastmasters Club, Tricorn Toastmasters Club
Area Director Gregory C. Laing

Area 32 – Speak Up Cambridge, Tufts Health Plan Toastmasters Club, Somerville Toastmasters, Watertown Saturday Toastmasters
Area Director Victoria Mae Harmon

Area 34 – Novartis Toastmasters @ Cambridge, Takeda Toastmasters, The Toastologists, Intellia Toastmasters Club
Area Director Elizabeth R. Gerrish

Area 54 – 3Talkers CLub, Wachusett Toastmasters #7677, GE Boroughs Toastmasters, Innovators Toastmasters
Area Director Gary P. Budiansky

Area 71 – Ocean State Club, Toasters of ARI Club, Rhode Island Active Toastmasters
Area Director Christopher Nielsen

Area 81 – Talk of the Town Club, JP Toastmasters, Boston College Toastmasters Club, Knights Serving Science
Area Director Arnold H. Bearak

Area 82 – Longwood Toastmasters, Advanced Access, Toast with Friends, Geek Speak
Area Director James P. Voymas

Area 92 – Sylvan Speakers Club, Cimpress/Vistaprint Toastmasters, Dassault Systemes Boston Campus Toastmasters Club, DLM Toastmasters Club
Area Director Joseph B. Campo

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