2020-2021 Pathfinder Award Qualifications

The District 31 Pathfinder Award recognizes individual members who have demonstrated a high level of achievement in the Toastmasters Pathways Learning Experience.

Members were eligible for the 2020-2021 award if they earned completion awards for each of the five levels in any Path or combination of Paths during the 2020-21 Toastmasters program year.

To qualify, awards must have been submitted in Club Central or through email to WHQ by an officer of a club located in District 31 between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021.

Qualifying awards will appear in the Toastmasters International Educational Achievements report for District 31.

The District 31 Pathfinder Award officially replaces the District 31 Triple Crown Award, which was retired at the end of the 2019-20 program year.

2020-21 Pathfinder Award Winners
(as of 6/30/2021)

Sara C. Adair
Sirisha Ala
Jane E. Anderson
Joseph Antao
Danna Baida
Arnie Bearak
Michèle M. Biscoe
Joseph B. Campo
Louisa S. Caswell
Angela Cataloni
Siri Chennupati
Audrey B. Chretien
Ty Chum
Meredith Ann Corey
Carly Cox
Trevor Crippen
Mary Curtis
Sean M. DaSilva
David Drebsky
Michael Eric Duval
Reese Eskridge
Faheem Fayez Faheem
Laura M. Foley
Nancy A. Fontaine
Bhanu Gopal
Joseph S. Gozzo
Helen M. Grothe
Jin Guo
Carolyn Hall
Bethany Hashway
Adrienne Haylor
Lisa Hunt
Rebecca Lee Ingram
Manoj Jose
Nathaniel D. Joslin
Pious J. Kallarackal
Jennifer Kanyugi
Anne Shilpa Reddy Katangur
Anna Kaufman
Richard E. Keane
Kapeeleshwar Krishana
Marina King Lam
Caryl E. Lattof
Lori-Ann Leahy
David Lintz
Stephanie Mancuso
Michael Julius Mateo
Tom McDonough
Stefano McGhee
Carolyn Melbye
Christina T. Melo
Matthew R. Morency
Maryann Murphy
Benjamin E. Nacar
Sriram Narasimhan
Somto Nwaogazie
Missy Oliver
Shannon Plesh
Naomiruth Quinlan
Beri A. Recher
Stephen Rogers
Paul A. Roselli
Priya Sawe
Jonathan Shapiro
Lilly A. Simmons
Sara Sinicropi-Yao
Deborah A. Siwik
Veera Raghavendra Sriram
Kelly A. Stevens
Erik Stricker
Trumane Trotman
Shreya Varshney
Clive S. Wan
Amy L. Weatherby
Kim Weeter
Lorraine R. Whitmore
Ingrid M. Wilson
Anita R. Wos
Leonard J. Wos
Jinglin Yang

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