Your leadership journey can be as big or as small as you want it to be. The key is determining what works best for you!

The District Leadership Committee led by Michèle Biscoe, DTM, will be vetting, interviewing, and nominating qualified candidates for 2021-2022 Division Directors, Public Relations Manager, Club Growth Director, Program Quality Director and District Director. All these roles will be up for election at the spring business meeting.

Roles such as Area Director, Finance Manager, Administration Manager, and Logistics Manager are appointed. For more information about the core competencies of each role, please review this document!

Each year, a dedicated group of leaders supports our community of members – are you ready to step up and lead?

To apply, gather these four application requirements. Send to District Leadership Committee Chair Michèle Biscoe, DTM at

  1. Candidate nomination form
  2. Candidate Application
  3. District Officer Biographical Information
  4. List of officer roles held: screenshot or printed PDF directly from your profile showing you’ve met the minimum requirements for the role
  5. Letter of interest: at least one paragraph explaining why you have chosen to apply and what makes you the best candidate
  6. Recommendations: include at least one, maximum of 3, which can be emailed directly from the recommender to
  7. A signed copy of the Officer Agreement and Release form

You can also nominate a member other than yourself by submitting only #1 from the above list.

Nominations are due no later than Monday February 28, 2021

Thank you for your careful consideration in potentially nominating fellow member and/or answering the call for nominations for our upcoming 2021 – 2022 Toastmasters year!

Anthony A. Alexander
District Director of District 31 Toastmasters

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