In compliance with the Toastmasters International governing documents, I am pleased to present the nominations for District 31 leadership for the year 2022-2023. The committee has nominated candidates for the following:

District Director                                 Bert Beander, DTM

District Director                                 Audrey B. Chretien, DTM

Program Quality Director                Carly Cox, DL5, VC5

Club Growth Director                       Sriram Veera Raghavendra, DTM

Club Growth Director                       Jennifer Tam, DTM

Public Relations Manager               Sriram Veera Raghavendra, DTM

Public Relations Manager               Jennifer Tam, DTM

Division A Director                           Christian D. Austin, IP4

Division B Director                           Joseph B. Campo, DL5

Division C Director                           Shaida Mohamed, DL1

Division D Director                           Patricia Birch, DTM

Division E Director                           Megan Heffernan, DTM

Division F Director                           Sara C. Adair, DTM

Division G Director                           Michael E. Ryan, IP1

Division H Director                           Caryl E. Lattof, EC5

On behalf of the Committee, please accept our gratitude for allowing us this opportunity to serve District 31.


Christine Lewis, DTM, PDD

District Leadership Committee Chair

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