The Framingham and Natick Toastmasters Club proudly takes center stage as the recently crowned Club of the Quarter in District 31. This prestigious accolade reflects the collective dedication, enthusiasm, and collaborative spirit that defines this vibrant Toastmasters community. In this newsletter edition, readers are invited to celebrate the club’s outstanding achievements, spotlight exceptional members, and gain insights into the inspirations that have propelled the club to success. Join in the celebration of the Framingham and Natick Toastmasters Club, where every meeting is a stride towards excellence!

Congratulations on your award, and thank you for your service to the district and to your FUN Club members!

Learn More about the FUN Club

To learn more about about all of the FUN things that the club is doing, check out their newsletter –

And take some advice from the FUN club back to your club on how to:

  • Add value for members

  • Encourage members to engage in roles and give speeches

  • Retain and recruit members

  • Recognize members achievement,

and much more in Club Close-up Episode 6! There is information on how to join a club meeting at the end of the video and in the video description.

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