Jennifer’s Bio:

Jennifer has been a Toastmaster in District 31 for nearly 24 years.  Network Voice Toastmasters in Weymouth is where she calls home and the club she belongs to along with her husband, Toastmasters International 2nd VP Stefano McGhee.  Throughout her Toastmasters journey, she has leveraged Toastmasters opportunities to strengthen her leadership skills through hands-on experience.  She has served as a club officer for nearly every year that she has been a member of TI.  Currently, she is serving as her Club President.  She has also been active in District leadership roles such as Area Governor, Division Governor, District Logistics Manager, Audit Committee Member and Chair, and many other roles.  Currently, she is serving in the role of District 31 CLCON 2024 Conference Chair.  Outside of Toastmasters, Jennifer is a Vice President and Sr. Director of Data Strategy & Governance for MFS Investment Management in Boston.  There she leads a team of 25 people who are responsible for the organization’s enterprise data including data operations, data architecture, data governance and quality, data literacy, the data vision and strategy. She can be found putting her Toastmasters skills to use speaking at forums, in webinars and at conferences within the Data & Analytics industry.

Jennifer’s Conflict Resolution Approach:

Jennifer was recognized for her exemplary conflict resolution skills this quarter. She shared her perspective on the award and insight into her conflict resolution approach:

I am honored and flattered to be recognized as the Club Officer of the Quarter.  I serve as an officer in our club in order to lead our members to great experiences in Toastmasters.  I truly believe that the Toastmasters program changes lives, when a person puts the time and effort into utilizing the education program. The club experience is crucial to the program.  It is a safe space for all of us to be vulnerable.  To try new things, to challenge ourselves, to take risks.  And our club is there to offer support, guidance, and actionable feedback.  We all have our own personalities, and differences, which enriches the experience but sometimes also can add a bit of tension.  To overcome that, I feel as a leader it is important to address public conflicts swiftly and directly.  Having an open conversation about what you have witnessed, how you feel it was perceived, and why a situation may be harmful to the club overall is often all that is required to encourage members to put their differences aside.  Empathy and compassion, as well as an understanding that there are always at least 2 sides to a story, also help to build trust with both sides of a conflict.

Congratulations on your award, and thank you for your service to the district and its members Jennifer!

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