Lisa’s Bio:
Lisa has been a Toastmaster in District 31 for seven years. She originally joined Marathon Toastmasters with a simple goal: learning how to do an elevator pitch. There she learned to be an officer and developed team leading skills. She has progressed through all club officer roles, some more than once. She is currently a member of the Framingham/Natick Club. Lisa became an Area Director in 2021-22 and acted in a wider scope outside and between clubs, and she reprised the role in 2022-23. In 2023-24, she is serving the District as Division Director for Division G, a role which has brought her into contact with many other Toastmasters and clubs.

Lisa Div G Director:
I was surprised and honored to be recognized as Division Director for 2023-2024 Q1. Honored to be recognized by my peers for my work with in-person clubs and officer training. Surprised, because I felt what I was doing was just the logical first steps of being a Division Director. I was training my new Area Directors, setting them up for the year’s schedule, and preparing to visit clubs in the area lacking an Area Director. Toastmasters has helped me see that leadership involves listening and support as well as action. Proper support means being engaged. This year I have been very engaged with my area directors, with club officer training and with the clubs I have been visiting in area 71. I was also surprised by how nervous I was about club officer training because I felt I had to know everything for the peer sessions! But I soon realized that because there’s also at least one other experienced officer in the session, I did not have to be the only person with the final answer and started enjoying the sessions more. One of my top priorities has been discovering how best to work with my area directors and what they need so I can support them and, by extension, their clubs. Listening and asking the right questions is key here, as well as frequent communication on all our parts. As a first-time Division Director, I am dedicated to the success of my district, division, area directors and clubs, by leading, listening, guiding and supporting.

Congratulations on your award, and thank you for your service to the district and its members Lisa!

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