Kimberly Yach (DTM) joined Toastmasters >15 years ago to improve speaking in a corporate environment without sarcasm, slang, and nervousness. She was never taken seriously and did not display confidence in her knowledge. Many years later, being a member of many clubs including AbbVie Bioresearch Center Toastmasters and Seven Hills Advanced Toastmasters, and serving club officer roles and area director positions put her in the comfort zone of speaking to crowds (in-person and online) about Toastmasters and her expertise in science.

This year as Area 55 Director Kim’s focus was being “present” for the clubs, suggesting techniques that might help in the club’s personal goals (member education, membership growth or just making the club more inviting).  If she did not know the answers, she would forward the request on to Division and/or District leadership.

She visited the area clubs, both in-person and virtually (if possible) to get the experience from club members and guests. The club officers were accommodating to her busy schedule as a working mom, and the clubs were self-aware of their strengths and weaknesses prior to Kim’s visits that helped her focus and provide feedback in email and reports. She views clubs meeting milestones as analogous to a hockey team. As an Area Director, you get comments from officers that are different from milestones for the Toastmasters year just like milestones of a Hockey season. She enjoys being engaged with the clubs and continues cheering them on like her team.

Area 55 clubs are great to work with and deserve to be honored as well.

Congratulations on your award, and thank you for your service to the district and its members Kim!

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