District Leadership Committee Nominations Report

In compliance with the Toastmasters International governing documents, I am pleased to present the nominations for District 31 leadership for the year 2023-2024. The committee has nominated candidates for the following positions.

District Director* –                             Carly Cox, DTM (biographical info)

Program Quality Director* –             Jennifer Tam, DTM (biographical info)

Club Growth Director –                     Veera Raghavendra Sriram, DTM (biographical info)

Public Relations Manager –             Christian D. Austin, IP4 (biographical info)

Division A Director* –                       Phyllis E. Kirouac, IP3 (biographical info)

Division B Director –                         No nominated candidate

Division C Director* –                       Jack Dietz, LD2 (biographical info)

Division D Director* –                       Jesse Welty, DTM (biographical info)

Division E Director* –                        Kristy Genga, PI5 (biographical info)

Division F Director –                         No nominated candidate

Division G Director –                         No nominated candidate

Division H Director –                         No nominated candidate

Per the guidelines of Protocol 9.0 of the Toastmasters governing documents, if a position for District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, or Division Director meets a minimum number of required nominated candidates in this report, only qualified candidates who were reviewed by the District Leadership Committee may run from the floor for those positions. The minimum number of candidates required for Club Growth Director is 2, while the minimum for all other positions is 1. The positions identified with a star (*) above were the eligible roles that met the minimum requirement for number of candidates.

For the role of Public Relations Manager and for any other role without the minimum number of required nominated candidates, any qualified candidate may run from the floor by announcing their intention to do so to the District Director (districtdirector@district31.org) no fewer than seven (7) days prior to the District Council Spring Business Meeting.

On behalf of the committee, thank you for allowing us to serve District 31 in this important capacity.

Trevor Crippen, DTM, IPDD
District Leadership Committee Chair

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