Hi Fellow D31 Toastmasters –

Some of you might be pleased and wondering why our conference went from $$$ to free.

If you weren’t previously aware we price the conference to break even, without profit. No venue, no meals, to rooms, no travel expenses, no decorations, and no hotel rooms means we’ve reduced our overhead significantly.

The virtual conference will cost the district some additional cost because of the virtual hosting platform, however, since we are all brand new a this and we are well aware of the financial impact to so many of our members due to COVID-19, we decided to offer it for free. Please enjoy the content we will be
providing during the month of May.

Presidents & Vice Presidents of Education – we will need you for our virtual business meeting and we hope to see everyone May 16th. Don’t miss the International speech contest happening on May 17th.

Be well, everyone.

Christine Lewis
District 31 Director



Monday October 19, 2020 - 7:30pm

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