District 31 Job Requisitions

Welcome the the District 31 job requisition webpage. This page serves as a centralized location to:

1. Find projects (“jobs”) that you can complete to a. earn credit for one or more of your pathways projects, b. earn community challenge points, and c. help the district or clubs in the district.

2. Post projects (“jobs”) that you need assistance with in the district or for your club.

Finding a Project

The table below lists current jobs available in the district, the date of post, a sample of one potential pathways project, and the post contact.

If you are interested in taking on one of the projects, click on the project name to find out more details about the job, potential pathways projects and community challenge point categories, and email the contact indicating that you are interested in the project.


Posting a Project

If you have a project that you need assistance with, please send an email to prm@district31.org with the information about the project


  • Description: A brief description of what the project is with enough detail so that that an applicant will know what the project is and if they would be interested.
  • Contact: Best email contact for inquiries. Please provide an email that you will check regularly for so that there is not a long delay on response time.

Optional, but suggested (The district can provide assistance if needed):

  • Potential Pathways Project: Pathways project(s) and level(s) that the project would fit well into .
  • Community Challenge Activity: A community challenge activity and points that the project is well matched to.

Job Posts

The table below lists currently available jobs (projects). A brief summary of the project is given in the Summary column, Each of the jobs can be used to complete a pathways project and earn community challenge points. An example pathways project is listed in the Pathways Project Example column, and the job poster contact information is in the Contact column. To see a more detailed description of the  job other possible pathways projects and community challenge points, click on the project link in the Job column.

CategoryJobSummaryPathways Project ExampleContact
Media Creation and MonitoringExisting Content EditorCreate district media content using existing contentL4: Building a Social Media Presenceprm@district31.org
Media Creation and MonitoringDistrict Media Data AnalystMonitor district social media/ad performanceL3: Planning and Implementingprm@district31.org
Media Creation and MonitoringHow-to-Video CreatorCreate how-to videos of public relations (or other district) processesL5: High Performance Leadershipprm@district31.org
Media Creation and MonitoringNew Video EditorCreate new video content for the district's social media channelsL4: Building a Social Media Presenceprm@district31.org
Media Creation and MonitoringClub ConnectorReach out to clubs periodically asking if they have any events publicized by the districtL4: Public Relations Strategiesprm@district31.org
Media Creation and MonitoringClub and District Media CreatorHelp create flyers and other adversitements for club and district events.L3: Planning and Implementingprm@district31.org
Event CoordinatorEvent Prospector (Chair)Periodicaly reach out to clubs asking if their members have any events (possible pathways projects) they would like run at the district level with district supportL4: Manage Projects Successfullyprm@district31.org
Event CoordinatorEvent Scheduler and CoordinatorCoordinate with clubs, members, and and event prospector to schedule district eventsL3: Planning and Implementingprm@district31.org
Event CoordinatorEvent PromoterPromote district events on district channels and create a promotion sequenceL4: Public Relations Strategiesprm@district31.org
Event CoordinatorEvent FacilitatorProvides support on the day of a district event, running the eventL5: Manage a Successful Event prm@district31.org

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