We are less than ONE DAY away from the beginning of CLCON 2024! The conference starts tomorrow, Saturday April 27th. We get down to business with the District 31 Business meeting in the morning. During the business meeting important district decisions are made

* Next year’s district leaders are elected or appointed
* Next year’s district alignment is voted on
* The district budget is reviewed

If you are a district council member, want to know more about what is going on within the district, or just how the district operates you’ll want to attend this meeting starting at noon time.

If you’ve decided not to attend the business meeting, DON’T STOP READING. Conference speeches officially launch with the 1pm Virtual Keynote speech “Why Are We Here?” by Stefano McGhee, DTM, 2nd VP of Toastmasters international.

He’ll share some of his journey through District leadership, an explanation of why challenges are inherent in leadership, and seeing the real impact of the work a leader does. Stepping forward as a District 31 leader is a great way to experience the best of what leadership can do for you. Stefano will talk about leadership and the realization he had about why he continues to be a leader in Toastmasters, and why you should join the ranks of Toastmasters leadership. You won’t want to miss this presentation!

Here’s a preview https://youtu.be/KirEUkl-sEk

Clear that calendar off tomorrow and join fellow District 31 members launching the first day of a value packed week at CLCON 2024!  For more information or to register visit: https://district31.org/clcon2024/

May the 4th be with you 🙂


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