Be prepared to laugh and learn during CLCON day 2, tomorrow, Monday, April 29th from 7-9pm. Comedians Steph Dalwin and Ammo Marfo, will present “A Stand Up Guide for Public Speaking” with an accompanying workshop.

Everyone has probably experienced stage fright at some point in their life. It is incredibly daunting to present to an audience, especially in a professional setting in which the stakes can be high. Yet, the key to conquering public speaking often lies in managing, rather than eliminating, anxiety. Bringing their combined experience in standup comedy, storytelling, and performance, Amma Marfo and Steph Dalwin will share tips and tricks they’ve learned along the way to make the stage more approachable. They will address questions like:

  • How do you get more comfortable onstage?
  • Do the nerves ever go away?
  • How can we make public speaking less scary?

Join them in this interactive session and workshop and learn more public speaking lessons from standup comedy.

For more information about conference sessions, and to register, visit the conference website: 

Come prepared to laugh, learn and just to have fun!


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