Special Thanks to the CLCON Team


CLCON wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication and hard work of volunteer Toastmasters from District 31. Recognition goes to the following members of the 2022-2023 Conference Committee:


  • Conference Chair: Jay Karthik​
  • Education Co-Chair: Christian Austin
  • Education Co-Chair: Jesse Welty
  • Conference Program : Jesse Welty
  • Webmaster, Public Relations Chair: Veera Raghavendra Sriram
  • Sponsorship Chair: Caryl Lattof
  • Zoom Logistics Chair: Megan Heffernan
  • Finance Chair: Joe Campo
  • Facilities,Technology: Jennifer McGhee
  • Decorations: Kristen Culver
  • Promotions : Christian Austin and Sherri Raftery
  • Registrations On-Site: Beri Recher and Angela Nuss
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