Mary Cheyne: Go Beyond Speaking & Start Training: Use World Class Training Techniques to Mesmerize Your Audience

Session Overview: “Going from speaking to training is like going from playing checkers to playing chess.” Many public speakers can give a “talk”, but to FULLY engage, educate AND entertain your audience takes A LOT MORE tools in your toolbox. In this session, you will:
● Discover how to go from giving a 7-minute speech to longer workshops/trainings. HINT: Create a training curriculum in less than 15 minutes!
● Learn what is the most common mistake speakers make when venturing into training & what the pros do instead.
● Receive well-tested training techniques used by the world’s top trainers, that will keep them engaged & entertained while they learn the whole time!
● How to PLAY with your audience & HAVE FUN, giving them even more value and have you stand out.

About Mary: Mary Cheyne, TEDx Speaker, MBA, is the 2009 World Championship of Public Speaking second place winner out of 25,000 contestants from 14 countries. She has trained over 20,000 people in over 30 cities internationally. Mary is the author of the Best Selling book “Present” Yourself in Public Speaking – Tell Your Inner Critic to SHUT UP! And the Real You to SPEAK UP!

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