Expand your Journey – High Performance Leadership

Series Speeches

Each series has 10-11 modules, complete with presentation and guide to give 10-15 minute educational speeches that offer practical tips to benefit all members, address quality of club meetings, give tips on attracting and maintaining members,and share skills to be successful leaders within and outside Toastmasters.

High Performance Leadership Manual

“The world needs strong, competent leaders now more than ever before. Progress can happen only when someone assumes a leadership role – when someone decides there is a problem, a need or an injustice, and takes actions to solve the problem, fulfill the need or correct the injustice . . .

Most likely you have situations you would like to change. You probably see or experience problems within your workplace, community, place of worship, Toastmasters club, or other organizations that need attention; still, you feel powerless to make a difference.

But you can create a change! You can influence events by influencing people and by providing leadership in just about any area you choose.

It simply takes some knowledge and understanding of leadership principles and techniques… which is what [the High Performance Leadership manual] provides.

(Source: High Performance Leadership Manual, Toastmasters International, p. 7 & 8)

Any Toastmaster can do a High Performance Leadership (HPL) project at any time — there are no prerequisites. More importantly, the HPL manual outlines a tried and true framework that supports your development and success.

Chances are you currently have or want to have a workplace, community, or Toastmasters role or project. Why not apply the HPL principles to support your success and develop yourself as a leader in the process?

High Performance Leadership Project Ideas

Lead a Toastmasters team

  • District Conference Chair
  • District Contest Chair
  • Division Contest Chair
  • Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) Dean
  • President’s Distinguished Division or Area

Lead a Community team

  • Organize a large event
  • Organize a family reunion
  • Organize a food drive

Lead a Workplace team

  • Lead a workplace project
  • Lead a sales drive
  • Lead an integration team
  • Organize a networking event
  • Organize a lunchtime lecture series


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High Performance Leadership – Challenging yourself to make a difference


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