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Pathways launched in District 31 on May 15, 2018! We’re excited about this journey of possibilities. Pathways features online learning, cutting-edge content, interactive tools, strong mentoring and evaluation components, and a multitude of options. Learn more and choose your path today!

The Pathways information page at is regularly updated with new information. Check back often!

A big thank you to our Chief Ambassador Deb Siwik and Pathways Guide Coordinator Stefano McGhee for their work in leading the charge.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ page

Compiled by our Pathways Coordinator Stefano McGhee

Pathways Paths and Core Competencies

Pathways Recognition

Pathways Recognition

Member Recognition

Except for DTM, old recognition will discontinue. Anything you have earned you will keep BUT there is no equivalency between current and future recognition. You will not be able to “transfer credit”, e.g. a CC is not equivalent to a level 2.

New recognition comes after each of the five levels of a pathway: “My Learning Path” Level 1, “My Learning Path” Level 2, “My Learning Path” Level 3, “My Learning Path” Level 4, “My Learning Path” Proficient (level 5).

Club Recognition

Clubs can earn recognition in the Distinguished Club Program for members progressing in the Pathways curriculum.  The six goals clubs can earn for member achievement in Pathways are:

  • 4 members earn Level 1
  • 2 members earn Level 2
  • 2 more members earn Level 2
  • 2 member earns Level 3
  • 1 member earns Level 4, Level 5, or a DTM
  • 1 member earns Level 4, Level 5, or a DTM


Path to Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM)

  1. Complete 2 Paths
  2. Each of the Following Leadership Requirements:
    • Serve as a club officer for 12 months (current requirement is six months)
    • Serve as a district officer for one year
    • Serve as club mentor or coach
    • Serve as club sponsor or conduct Speechcraft or Youth Leadership Program (YLP)
  3. Complete a DTM Project

For more information on the requirements, review the DTM Award Application.

You still have until Jun 30, 2021 to submit for the Advanced Leader Silver (ALS) and/or DTM awards in the traditional education program.

More details through Toastmasters International

Additional Path Information

Path Information

Pathways Paths and Core Competencies (TI)

-> Paths, Projects and Electives (11 pages)

Evaluation Resources (TI)

-> All Project Evaluation Resources

Pathways Paths and Projects Catalog (D57)

-> Paths with Project and Elective Descriptions (66 pages)

Pathways Companion Guide (D69)

-> Breakdown of all projects and flow of Paths (24 pages)

Pathways Essentials Presentation (D57)

-> Additional Presentation on Pathways after roll out

Paths and Specific Project Requirements (D4)

-> Visual View of Paths and Projects (Website)

Print Paths and Projects (D31)

-> Information on the limited Paths and Projects available in Print

DTM in Pathways Flier (TI)

-> Estimates length of time needed to DTM

Pathways Progress Chart Template (D31 – Michael Moore)

-> Pathways Progress Chart Template, used to keep track of how members are progressing

Pathways Glossary (TI)

-> New terms for working with Pathways

Path Comparison Chart (D62)

-> Highlights the differences between Paths

Pathways Education Award Abbreviations (TI)

-> What replaces current abbreviations like CC, CL, ACS, etc.


Transform your Talent Flier (TI)

-> Corporate-based marketing

Where Will Pathways Take You Flier (TI)

-> Community-based marketing


DCP (TI) and Triple Crown (D31)

-> Current, Pathways and Transitions programs explained

Ice Breaker

Pathways Ice Breaker (TI)

-> The first project in every Path.  You can start now!

Ice Breaker Project Completion Request (TI)

-> Get credit for the Pathways Ice Breaker completed before Roll Out

Cheat Sheets and Fast Starts

Pathways Fast Start 2.2

-> How to sign into Pathways, select your path and begin.

Base Camp Manager Cheat Sheet

-> What are the duties of the Base Camp Mangers, and how to complete them.

Guides to Level 1-5 (D69)

-> Step-by-step guide through all 5 levels of a Path.

Paths Tracking Workbook (D31)

-> Developed by District 31 member Stephen Rogers, use this to track your progress in Pathways outside Base Camp, or as a template for members of your club

Club Pathways Rollout Kit

Club Welcome Letter

Introduction to Pathways Video

Membership Application Pathways

Pathways Quick Start Guide

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