Pathways: Frequently Asked Questions

Pathways Base Camp Manager Tip:

An email was sent to all Vice Presidents Education from Toastmasters International before the launch of Pathways. It mentions that Pathways requires some actions are approved by the VPE (level completion, speaking outside of the club etc.). The backup approvers are the club’s President or Secretary, who also have access to the Pathways Manager. When a request is submitted by a member, a notification email is sent to the club’s email address. This is the same email address for the club as it appears on the Find a Club page on the Toastmasters International website.

The problem is that most clubs would have this email address set for one person in the club, or a group of people that should be answering to inquiries from members of the public that are interested in visiting the club.

Possible Solutions:
These solutions will require the club to decide who gets the emails, considering that the email address serves two very different functions, and set up their contact information accordingly.

1. Multiple districts that have implemented Pathways link to this solution. The solution uses the email address, which means that it also changes the settings for the Contact Us form on the club’s website. It creates some manageable risk of spam, but adds an elegant email address for the club that can be forwarded to 3 people.
2. Use one person’s email address. This could be any of the officers or another person who will be responsible for receiving emails and either forwarding them to the right person, or responding to inquiries about our club.
3. Create an email address in gmail or another service, and use it to forward emails to a group automatically.
4. Create an email address in gmail or another service, and share the password with a few members that will access the mailbox regularly to forward emails to the right people manually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When do Virtual Office Hours occur?

Answer: Click here to download the schedule. Click here to attend now! All club officers are welcome.

Question: If I’m a member of two or more clubs, how do I get my second path for free?

Answer: Members eligible for two free paths must contact World Headquarters to redeem the second free path. To do so, call and ask to speak with the orders and tracing team, or email

Question: I’m a club officer, how do I find BaseCamp Manager?

Answer: Only the President, Vice President Education, and Secretary have access to Basecamp Manager, and only in the club where they hold that role. On the main Pathways Learning Experience page (, when logging into Basecamp, you must select your club. Once you have selected a club where you hold one of those roles, the BaseCamp Manager Log-in button will appear.

Question: I’m a Vice President Education. How do I know when one of my Toastmasters needs me to approve a level?

Answer: When a Toastmaster submits a level for approval, an e-mail is automatically generated. That e-mail goes to your club e-mail address, as listed in Club Central ( Please make sure that e-mail address is accessible by the VPE, President, and the Secretary.

Question: For changing of path within 30 days, if a member has already complete level 1 or more during that 30 days, will they still be entitled to change paths? and would the completion of the projects transferred to the new path for this situation?

Answer: Members may exchange a path within 30 days of purchase, regardless of how many projects or levels they complete. The member receives completion credit toward any Level 1 projects they finished on the exchanged path.

Question: Can members who have purchased a second path transfer their Level 1 completion to a second path outside of the initial 30 day window? They would be essentially abandoning the first path.

Answer: No. Members who decide to purchase a second path will maintain their progress in the first path, regardless of whether they decide to continue on that path. They will begin in the second path at Level 1.

Question: How do I upload an Evaluation I received?

Answer: It is important to note that Pathways does not require you to upload evaluations, or any documentation, to receive credit. However, it is a good practice. Evaluations are not attached directly to your project. Instead, they are added into your E-Portfolio. While logged into your Pathways home page, click My Feedback. Then, near the top, choose E-Portfolio. You can use the Documents section to store your evaluations.


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