Club Recognition

For the 2022-2023 Toastmasters year, clubs in District 31 can earn 6-months Zoom subscription reimbursement (or equivalent prize) for each club officer training period if their club has at least 4 officer roles trained AND averages at least 3 hours of training per individual officer member. Congratulations to the 29(!) clubs who earned this incentive for the first round of training (June 2022 – August 2022)!

Time (hrs) Club Name
More than 8 Advanced Articulators of Andover
More than 7 Mill City Toastmasters
More than 6 Toastmasters At Ballardvale
Advanced Orators Club
More than 5 Toast of the Town
Seven Hills Advanced Toastmasters
Island Foghorns Toastmasters Club
More than 4 Wachusett Toastmasters #7677
Spirited Speakers
Fresenius Broadcasters
Marathon Toastmasters Club
Boston Advanced Toastmasters
Renaissance Advanced TM Club
Lincoln Laboratory Toastmasters Club
More than 3 Boston West Toastmasters Club
Salve Regina University Toastmasters
The Last Word
Sales & Marketing Club
Quincy Toastmasters Club
Rhode Island Active Toastmasters
Winchester Toastmasters
3Talkers Club
Sylvan Speakers Club
Tragicomedy Toastmasters
Chelmsford Toastmasters Club
Humor And Drama Toastmasters
Fall River Innovators
Dassault Systemes Boston Campus Toastmasters Club
Metrowest Toastmasters
Takeda Toastmasters
Eastern Middlesex Club
Member Recognition

While attending club officer training is a basic responsibility of serving as a club officer, some members go above and beyond the minimum requirements in pursuit of both personal growth and helping their clubs and fellow members. District 31 would like to recognize the members who attended at least 6 hours of training (3 times the minimum requirement) as well as the many members who helped conduct the training sessions as a trainer, facilitator, Zoom master or timer (volunteers in bold).

Time (hrs) Member Name
More than 12 Carly Cox, Program Quality Director
Laura Laing, Club Officer Training Chair
Jen Tam, Club Growth Director
Megan Heffernan
Audrey Chretien, District Director
Christian Austin
Veera Sriram, Public Relations Manager
Elizabeth Thomas
More than 10 Beri Recher
Joan Zhong
Melissa Iwunze
Bethany Hashway
Trevor Crippen
More than 8 Lisa Hunt
Lingqin Han
Jim Wang
M.J. Kahn
Lin Beach
Lewis Staples
Li H
More than 7 Michael Ryan
Mary Ellen Pataro
Jesse Welty
Jean Cudjoe
Ngaire Underhill
More than 6 Lei Zhang
Phyllis Kirouac
Lilly Simmons
Joseph Campo
Stephen Rogers
Steve Burnell
Gerard Miller
Caryl Lattof
Silvio Devincentis
Other Volunteers Christy Meng
Roberta Miller
Wayne Braverman
Barb Millett
Sean DaSilva
Sherri Raftery
Stefano McGhee
Christy Donovan
Anthony Alexander
Norm Heckman
Tim Greenwood
David Lintz
Rachael Dubinsky
Paulina Duarte
Gary Budiansky
Anna Kaufman
Ty Chum
Sara Adair
John Bleakney
Neal Schuster
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