Club Coach

Club Coach

Are you an Advanced Leader Bronze or a Competent Leader? If so, you have demonstrated your abilities to lead, you have experience as an officer in a club, and you probably have your eyes on the Advanced Leader Silver (ALS) award. Part of the requirements for an ALS is a Club Coach or Club Mentor assignment.

District 31 needs your help. We need Club Coaches. There are about 15 clubs in District 31 that need a Club Coach to help the officers to revitalize their club. What would you need to do? There is a manual designed to prepare you for the task at: First Class Coach. Could you spend a few hours a month to coach the officers of a club? Could you use what you have learned in Toastmasters to help other clubs in your area? You may have exactly what is needed to help a club grow back to Distinguished Status.

Coaching is not that hard, but incredibly rewarding. Toastmaster’s International has a book “How to Rebuild a Toastmasters Club” that outlines the steps needs to revitalize a club. The coach needs to attend officers meetings and some club meetings. The task is to become a resource to the club. Work with the club officer team to create and execute a plan to bring the club back to health.

And you get the satisfaction of knowing you restored a club to health. In addition, if you register with the District 31 leadership, you will get credit towards your ALS award (provided the club achieves Distinguished status).

If you can help us out, reach out and we will match you up with a club to coach! To find out more, contact the District 31 Club Growth Director.

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