Membership Building

A healthy club builds in a steady stream of new members. Maybe your club numbers are low, giving you a special interest in drawing in new life to the club? Here are some helpful resources to boost your membership-building efforts.

District 31 Resources

We have enhanced the basic Membership Building Kit with some District 31-specific materials. You will find these on the Club Templates page. Use these branded flyers and customize them for your club.

Event Ideas

Membership Growth Handbook Growth and Retention

Promote! Promote! Promote!

Well Promoted and Effective Special Events bring guests to your meeting.

Fun and Effective meetings (along with an invitation) help those guests to join the club.

Supporting the member’s growth goals keep them attending and engaged. A healthy club needs all three!

Let’s Connect . . .

For questions or additional resources, contact the District 31 Club Growth Director.


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