Moments of Truth and Club Success Plan

Club success starts with club culture and planning. Assessing club culture, members needs and goals at the beginning of the year will help for planning out a the remainder of the year. Toastmasters International provides a Moments of Truth (MOT) to assess the quality of club meetings, and provides a basis to determine what aspects of the club successful and should remain and other elements of the club that need improvement.

Conducting a MOT provides information used to guide club success and can be used to write a  Club Success Plan (CSP). This document  includes all elements necessary to achieve your club’s goals: what, how, who, and when. Determining in advance what should be done, when and how it will be accomplished, and who is responsible for doing it, makes achieving success much easier. To that end, the Club Executive Committee can set forth it’s plan to make the club successful by using the MOT as a guide to:

  1. Set specific goals.
  2. Establish strategies to achieve the goals.
  3. Develop a framework to help carry out the plan and produce results.

In the CSP. This document will serve as a reference during the year to determine if the club is moving towards it’s goals or if adjustments are needed.


To promote success we are offering a Club Moments of Truth and Club Success Plan Incentive:

  1. Run a Moments of Truth in your club ( MOT presentation and worksheet link)
  2. Use results of your MOT to complete a Club Success Plan  (official Toastmasters International CSP link)
    1.  It is encouraged to use the official Toastmasters International CSP, but a custom document with the same sections as the official document: Committee Values, Education Goals, Membership Goal, Training Goals and Administration Goals is acceptable (Unofficial Toastmasters International CSP Example link)
  3. Upload the CSP to club central.
  4. Email the the Program Quality Director
    1. The completed MOT worksheet or MOT notes
    2. The completed CSP

10 clubs with a complete submission will be chosen at random for a prize up to $25.

The deadline for submission is November 15.

Please contact the Program Quality Director at with submissions and questions.


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