There are new live Pathways training opportunities available to officers and club members. Jonathan Shapiro, member of Framingham-Natick Toastmaster, is completing his level 5 projects by taking on the role of District 31 Pathways Training Chair. In this role, Jonathan and his pathways trainers are offering both scheduled and on-demand Zoom-based training sessions in either Pathways Basics (for any member) or Base Camp Management (for club officers), with sessions lasting approximately 45 minutes.

1.  Each month, Pathways Basics training will be proactively offered to members who recently joined Toastmasters. Club officers can complete the Pathways Training Club Participation Form to indicate your club’s interest in participating in the program. If you don’ indicate perferences in the form:

  • Jonathan will email the VPE for all clubs with a new member to ask if they would like the new member invited to a Pathways Basics session.
  • If so, the VPE can specify whether they want Jonathan to send the invitation directly or if they prefer to connect the new member with a pathways trainer.

2. To request a training session on Base Camp or Pathways curriculum, simply complete the Pathways Training Request Form. If not fully comfortable using Base Camp–either as a member or in your role as Base Camp Manager (President, VPE, or Secretary)– it is highly recommended to request training so that members can formally complete pathways projects in Base Camp, and Base Camp Mangers can support members.

If you are already comfortable in Base Camp and would be interested in becoming part of the District 31 Pathways Training Team and earning Community Challenge points please either indicate your interest when completing the Pathways Training Club Participation Form or email to volunteer.

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