Find-a-Club and club homepages are the entry point for many interested in Toastmasters to connect with your club. Responses to inquiries will determine if this inquiry turns into a guest visit and a new member.

In the month of February 2024, the district has been “shopped” all District 31 clubs, contacting them through Find-a-Club, and club’s FreeToastHost, and easySPEAK homepages. How did clubs respond? What did they do well? What could they improve? Here is a  preview  of statistics:

  • 61% of clubs responded to Find-A-Club
  • 56% responded to club website inquiry
  • Fastest response time was 10 minutes while average was 40 hours
  • 21 clubs responded to both inquiries within 24 hours

Several clubs had exampilary responses that we turned into templates, given below, that your club can use to help improve prospective member inquiry conversion rates. Here are some general recommendations on find-a-club and your website for providing prospective guests with the information they need to attend your next meeting:

  • Update club central and website information
  • Use a public contact email that can be contacted by anyone
  • Update for next year’s officers
  • Respond quickly
  • Provide basic meeting information: date, time, location, and possible zoom lin
  • If your club is not a good fit (wrong time, it’s closed, etc.). Provide specific referrals to other clubs your response.

We create templates for

  • Virtual, hybrid and in-person only community clubs
  • Closed clubs
  • Advanced clubs
  • Followup recommendation

in the templates section. If you choose to modify these templates, some tips to consider include:

  • Don’t personally suggest a club you don’t know about
  • “cc” area or division directors
  • Link to club newsletter if available
  • Consider links in moderation
  • Send the response email as an appointment
  • Check if your freetoasthost website is using blacklist. If so, turn this setting off

Find-a-club settings can be changed in Toastmasters International’s club central, and freetoasthost settings can be changed by the admin. If you have questions about how to change find-a-club or freetoasthost settings, please visit or



To use the templates below, find the template that best matches your club or follow-up, and replace the text contained between double curly braces “”{{replace}}”” with particular information about your club. Save this modified template in an easily accessible location and reply to prospective guests with this informative email about your club.

Virtual Community Club

Hello {{Prospect}},

Thank you very much for inquiring about {{Club Name}}. Our club meets virtually {{Future Club Meeting Date and Times}}. You are welcome to attend any meeting as a guest.

Please join us for our next meeting, which will be held on {{Next Meeting Date and Time}} through Zoom. You do not need to sign up. You have a couple of  ways to join:

  1. Download the app by clicking this link: ZOOM DOWNLOAD, then join the meeting room using the link below Click the link below. The app will automatically ask to download. (Note, this takes a few minutes so prepare to download it long before the meeting)
  2.  Call in using the phone number (You won’t be able to see any video if you only call in, but you could still participate)

Zoom Information: {{Zoom Link}}

Phone ONLY option:{{Zoom Phone, Meeting and Security Code}}

Meetings include: 1) A program of prepared speeches by members who are working on an educational path which thy select out of many options, 2) An impromptu speaking section open to all (Table Topics), and 3) Feedback for speakers and other role holders. The atmosphere is friendly, supportive, and rich in feedback, so many of us find Toastmasters a great place to practice public speaking and leadership skills.

Additionally, here is a link to Toastmaster’s own “Why Toastmasters,” which might be helpful:

Looking forward to seeing you at any of our future meetings. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

All the best,
{{Your Name}}
{{Your Officer Position}}, {{Club Name}}
{{Your Contact}


Hybrid Community Club

Hello {{Prospect}},

You expressed an interest in Toastmasters, and we thought you might be interested in:

{{Club Name}}

Are you interested in improving yourself personally and professionally?  Are you wondering where to start?  Have you ever wondered what Toastmasters is all about?

{{Club Name}} is a great place to start!

Join us at our next meeting

WHEN: {{Day and Date}}.
WHERE:  {{Location and Zoom Link}}
TIME:  {{Meeting Time}}

Hybrid or In-Person

Join us for an informative, fun and relaxing night.  Meet our members and learn about Pathways (Toastmasters interactive and flexible educational program).

…and bring a friend!

Now is the time to make your public speaking shine!

Toastmasters International

{{Club Name}}
{{Club Website}}

If you are interested in attending via Zoom please contact us through the website or email me directly.

{{Your Name}}
{{Your Officer Position}}, {{Club Name}}
{{Your Contact}


In-Person Only Community Club

Hello {{Prospect}},

{{Club Name}} meets again on {{Date and Time}} for a session of speaking and evaluation in person at {{Location}} , {{Specific information on how to find the location}} .

Every meeting, we practice our communication skills in a fun and supportive setting.  Meetings include prepared speeches, impromptu speaking, and supportive feedback.  Guests are always welcome to visit.

We meet in person {{Future Meeting Dates and Times}}. Learn more about our club at our website here (members can sign up for speeches and meeting roles here, too!):{{Website}}.

Learn more about Toastmasters and the Pathways Education program at If you’d like to be removed from future calendar invites and emails, please just reply and let me know.

{{Your Name}}
{{Your Officer Position}}, {{Club Name}}
{{Your Contact}


Closed clubs

Hi {{Prospect}},

Thanks for contacting {{Club Name}}. We are unfortunately only open to employees of {{Company Name}}. There are two other clubs in the {{Town City of Club}} area that I would suggest you reach out to:


{{Alternative Club 1}}
{{Alternative Club 1 President Name}} {{Alternative Club 1 President Email}}
{{Alternative Club 1 VPM  Name}} {{Alternative Club 1 VPM Email}}


{{Alternative Club 2}}
{{Alternative Club 2 President Name}} {{Alternative Club 2 President Email}}
{{Alternative Club 2 VPM  Name}} {{Alternative Club 2 VPM Email}}


If you have any additional questions, please let us know.

Have a great day!
{{Your Name}}
{{Your Officer Position}}, {{Club Name}}
{{Your Contact}


Advanced clubs

Hi {{Prospect}},

Thanks for inquiring about {{Club Name}}. We are an advanced club that meets {{Meeting Format}} {{Future Meeting Days and Times}}.

Being an advanced club, we offer more extensive evaluations than a regular club and also require that members have completed the Competent Communicator manual or are about to complete Level 2 in Pathways.

Please let me know if you would like any additional information about the club and would like to join a meeting. Our next meeting is {{Next Meeting Date and Time}} and I can send you an invite if you are able to join!


{{Your Name}}
{{Your Officer Position}}, {{Club Name}}
{{Your Contact}


Followup recommendation

Hi {{Prospect}},

Sorry you are not able to attend our meetings The two clubs closest to {{Club Name}} are:

{{Alternative Club 1}}:
Meeting Days and Times: {{Alternative Club 1 Meeting Days and Times}}
Contacts: {{Alternative Club 1 Contact Name }} {{Alternative Club 1 Contact Email}}}

{{Alternative Club 2}}:
Meeting Days and Times: {{Alternative Club 2 Meeting Days and Times}}
Contacts: {{Alternative Club 2 Contact Name }} {{Alternative Club 2 Contact Email}}}

{{Say something about other club if you visited}}

To find additional clubs in the area, use Find-A-Club at:

Search for the geographic region of interest. In the “Search Options” you can also specify additional advanced options.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.

Best regards,
{{Your Name}}
{{Your Officer Position}}, {{Club Name}}
{{Your Contact}

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