Alignment and Map

District 31 Toastmasters is comprised of Toastmasters clubs based in eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Each Toastmasters district is aligned into divisions and areas. Each club is part of an area; each area is part of a division; several divisions make up our district.

As the number and location of clubs in the district changes, areas and divisions must shift to best serve existing clubs. Each year we conduct a realignment of District 31 to ensure that we are fairly and evenly distributing clubs while meeting the guidelines set forward by Toastmasters International.

Note: The information depicted in the links below are from around April 2023. Some of this may have changed since then. Please check out individual club websites for the up to date information.

Questions? Contact the District 31 Leadership.

2023-2024 Alignment (effective July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024)

The 2023-2024 alignment of clubs can be seen on the Dashboards for District 31. (updated after July 1st)


Or get visual with the map below (please note many clubs are currently meeting virtually, not at the physical locations indicated on the map).

Map of 2023-24 Alignment

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