Does Your Club Need Help?

Does your club have 12 or fewer members? Have your meetings become hard to plan with the same handful of people attending and leading every meeting? Has it become common to arrive with little planning in place? Has the meeting tone degraded to “boring and predictable”? Have you stopped meeting as often as you used to, just because you can’t find enough people to participate?

If the days when your club was active and vibrant are just a memory, don’t lose hope! Your District can provide advice and support to help your club recover and prosper again. One option is the Club Coach program.

What Is a Club Coach?

Club Coach

Club Coach

A Club Coach is an experienced Toastmaster who has committed to work with a club’s leadership team to help the club get back to a healthy and prosperous condition. The Club Coach (who, initially, isn’t a member of the club, but who can opt to join the club after being appointed Coach) works with the club leadership team to assess the club’s current state and develop an action plan to address the club’s specific needs.

The action plan might involve changing the club’s programming to ensure that meetings are well-planned, well-executed, educational, and fun. It might involve changing the club’s location or meeting time to allow more people to attend. It might involve other changes as well – the specifics of the action plan depend on the specific needs of the club.

What Can You Expect from Your Club Coach?

The Club Coach is an advisor and resource for your club, an impartial observer who will help you examine your club with a fresh eye. But while the Club Coach will help you develop and implement an action plan, the Coach will not take over your club or supplant your club’s leadership. The entire club, including both the leadership and the general membership, must commit to participate actively in implementing the action plan, or the plan won’t be successful.

For additional information about the Club Coach program, read the program manual “How to Rebuild a Toastmasters Club” which is at:

How Can I Get Started?

If you think your club needs help, begin by contacting your Club President or a District Officer ( Your District Leader Team can point you to resources that can help your club. This support will be overseen by the Club Growth Director, who can help your club build a plan toward returning to a healthy, active, and vibrant club.

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