Open House Reimbursement

Are you looking to bring new people to your club?

An open house is a great way to promote your Toastmasters club and bring in new members. To support your efforts, District 31 will provide up to $50 reimbursement for food, materials, advertising . . . Have a creative way to use the funds? Check first to make sure you can get reimbursed! Clubs may apply for the $50 reimbursement two times per Toastmasters year: once between July – December and once between January – June.

For purchases in Massachusetts, present the tax exempt form to the vendor, also found on the Finance Manager page, since we cannot reimburse for tax.

Please submit your reimbursement request along with receipts within 1 week of the expense – submit this Google form online for reimbursement requests.

[Don’t have access to Google forms? Use this form instead.]