Summer 2020 TLI Announcement

Grow your skills. Empower your members. Lead your club to excellence.

Prepare yourself to lead at a Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI).

All Toastmasters are welcome to attend any TLI. Club officers will earn credit in the Distinguished Club Program for their attendance.

Join other Toastmasters leaders for educational sessions on club leadership, group discussions, and officer role training.

All TLIs for the Summer 2020 season will be virtual, and will be specialized to best address the varying needs of different members and different clubs.

Club Officer Basics

Get off on the right foot in your new role! With breakout sessions for each individual officer role and overviews of the core aspects of club administration, this TLI is perfect for anyone who is new to their role.

Saturday June 20, 10am-1pm

Monday July 13, 6pm-9pm

Saturday August 22, 10am-1pm

Corporate Club Leadership Training

How can you run a successful Toastmasters program within your organization? This TLI will cover specific concerns of corporate Toastmasters clubs, ranging from how to build engagement with the program, to how to grow membership, to how to get buy-in from the company as a whole.

Thursday July 9, 6pm-9pm

Saturday August 29, 10am-1pm

Experienced Club Officer Training

Think you’ve learned everything there is to learn as a Toastmasters leader? Think again. This TLI will include creative sessions and address the most pressing concerns of current Toastmasters clubs — virtual meetings, the final transition to Pathways, and more.

Saturday July 25, 10am-1pm

Monday August 17, 6pm-9pm

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