Hello fellow Toastmasters and friends!

For those who I have not yet met, I have been a Toastmaster for 6 years and have been all-in within the organization since I have joined. As a quick recap I have served in multiple club officer, district leader, volunteer roles within the district and roughly around the time that you have read this, I will have achieved my DTM, twice!

Outside of Toastmasters, I am an Assistant Vice President of the country’s oldest privately-owned private bank and serve as an executive within our fund administration division. Much of my career requires dynamic leadership, interpersonal communication, presentation skills, strategic relationship management, active listening and adaptability. Skills that I continually test and refine within Toastmasters.

Since 2015, I have always supplemented my annual goals both personally and professionally with the Toastmasters program. Although I was a well-established team leader at the time, there was a lot of value that I found by level setting what my strengths and weaknesses are and challenging them within the roles that I took on within Toastmasters. As time went on, I found that with each leadership role that I took on, new opportunities kept opening for me professionally and in non-profit work.